Marketing Services

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Trafford provides the tools for you to bring your book to its audience. Our commitment to you does not simply end upon the publication of your work. We will help you share it with your readership. Every author has an intrinsic motivation for publishing their story. Whether your goal is to become a professional writer or to publish a very specialized scientific journal, Trafford is here for you.

AudioBook Marketing Services

Targeting a specific readership or niche requires a strategic marketing plan. Trafford’s Audiobook Packages provide solutions to help you promote your title in the market’s fastest-rising book-buying segment: book lovers on the go.

Trafford Audiobook Package go beyond just making your book available on e-readers by adding voice—taking away the need to read. Be ready to showcase your professionally narrated audiobook to the media and audiences around the world with an innovative platform that you can customize to fit your needs.

Hollywood Book to Screen

The Lord of the Rings. Gossip Girl. Schindler’s List. Bones. Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Still Alice. Legally Blonde. These are only a few of the many books that have been made into successful movies or television series. With the national appetite for various media adaptations, more books are adapted to media content, including film, television series, and digital content, every year. Hollywood is constantly on the lookout for fresh material.

Now you have the extraordinary chance to get your foot in the door of Hollywood studios with Trafford Publishing’s Book to Screen Services. Your book will be available to and accessible by top-level agents, producers, directors, writers, and actors searching for the next book to develop into full-length feature films and serial TV shows.

Book Videos

Trafford Publishing's Book Video Services cross media genres and create a lasting impression. Make your book come to life and express your creative intent with any of our dynamic Online Video Services.

Internet Marketing

Since its invention, the Internet has been one of the world’s greatest equalizers. It’s the most effective, widespread and easy-access market for any author. Reach a global audience with these tailor-made services. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Core Publicity

Get your book noticed through a unique platform created by our extensive core publicity services.

Advanced Publicity

Our publicity campaigns have been designed in partnership with LAVIDGE, an award-winning advertising and publicity agency, to make sure there’s a campaign right for you and your message. We’re here to help you get the word out about your work. See what we have to offer.

Radio Services

Have you ever considered how a radio interview might affect your book's marketing plan? If the answer is yes, then Trafford Publishing can make your voice heard on the airwaves to help you reach new audiences and further your cause.


Advertising in a high-profile national publication is a great way to announce your book to the world. However, it is prohibitively expensive for an individual author to design and purchase an ad in most national publications. Through the Trafford Advertising program, you get access to a variety of affordable and convenient opportunities to promote your book. You are able to efficiently combine your resources with other authors' to promote your books in well-known publications like New York Times Book Review.

Reader's Digest Marketing

Advertise your book in a globally recognized and highly respected magazine with a readership of more than 18.3 million around the world—Reader’s Digest.*

Founded in 1922, Reader’s Digest is a global media and direct marketing company that carries various products and services from trusted brands. It is a worldwide publisher and distributor of magazines, books, recorder music, and home video packages sold through a variety of distribution channels including direct mail, display marketing, direct-response television, catalogs, retail, and the Internet.

Its major publication is the monthly general-interest magazine Reader’s Digest, which has a US circulation of 3 million copies in the country per month.

Book Exhibits

Display your book in physical and digital exhibits here and around the world.

Book Signings and Galleries

Meet your audience face-to-face by participating in a book signing, or by displaying your book in a gallery at major book industry events.

Book Reviews

Trafford Publishing can help get your book into the hands of reputable and professional book reviewers who have the power and potential to spread positive messages about your writing and your work.