Interior Color Illustration

Make your work come alive with Trafford Publishing’s Illustration Services. We offer you a choice between black and white or color illustrations, as well as a variety of art styles and levels of detail. Our experienced team of designers and illustrators will work closely with you to create work exactly the way you envisioned.

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Fresco Illustration Service

The Fresco Illustration Service gives your writing a dynamic but essentialist effect, with clean lines and bold colors. This basic service is perfect for an author who wants the direct approach.

Impression Illustration Service

The Impression Illustration Service shows off your work with extra depth and rendering. Complement your writing with detailed line work and sensitive coloring tailor-made for your book.

Illumination Illustration Service

The Illumination service is the choice for authors who look for more finely-finished visuals. Engage your readers’ imaginations with lifelike textures and more realistic artwork.