Core Editorial Services

These are the building blocks of a good book: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. It is absolutely necessary for self publishing authors to run a comprehensive edit on their manuscript before publishing a book.

Editorial Assessment

Editorial Assessment evaluates sections of your manuscript to gauge what type or level of editing could help polish it.

Small Book Review with Editing (Under 5,000 Words)

Our editors carefully review your full manuscript (under 5,000 words) and provide you with the edits best suited to your book. This all-inclusive service is a combination of our Editorial Assessment, Line Editing and Content Editing services.


An experienced editor will correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your manuscript.

Line Editing

Our editorial experts will not only check your manuscript for more pervasive errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also make suggestions on sentence structure and word choice.

Content Editing

The Content Editing service provides extensive restructuring for manuscripts that need more attention than Line Editing can provide.

Content Editing Plus

This service is ideal for manuscripts that need more work on sentence structure, grammar structure and story development than basic Content Editing will give. Content Editing Plus is also ideal for self published authors whose first language is not English.

Cover Copy Polish

Let Trafford Publishing’s Cover Copy Polish help you seize that sale through a marketing professional who will assess the effectiveness of your book’s title and subtitle.