Publishing Plans

Trafford Publishing works tirelessly at providing better service to authors and producing books of superior quality. Inspired by author feedback, we came up with a formidable set of top-notch publishing packages and services.


The Journey Package is perfect for authors looking for that balance between affordability and a professional, high-quality publishing experience.


The Adventure Package appeals to no-nonsense authors looking for a cost-effective but complete publishing support. Its simple, straightforward design lets your work send its message without distractions.


Our Voyage publishing package delivers the multiple advantages of Adventure with added punch. Voyage’s keyword is more: more digital bookstubs, more manuscript options, and more marketing services.


Our most exemplary package rewards you with total artistic expression. Odyssey presents a complete set of services that give you a fully-customized package, ensuring the highest quality for your self-published book. You hit the ground running with its full suite of marketing services to support your promotional efforts.