I Am That I Am

by Lee A. Drayer



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/21/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 304
ISBN : 9781425186296

About the Book

“I Am That I Am” describes the real life struggles of Matthew Franklin Wilson, a nuclear engineer gone astray. He is a well meaning individual, but has many indiscretions associated with the women in his life. His business life attempts to solve global energy problems associated with fossil fuel shortages and global warming issues, eventually solving them, but with horrendous consequences. Matthew, along with Catherine Hamilton, the U.S. Secretary of Nuclear Energy, views what appears a simple, future energy solution. They both visit the miniature nuclear electrical power science display, created by a high school senior and his very attractive science teacher. A key byproduct of the miniature power system display is hydrogen, the fuel needed to eliminate all future gasoline and diesel engines. The display does leave you wondering, is this young mans science display a solution to the global energy issues realistic? Perhaps yes, most likely no, but then you say, why not? Much discussion in the book is based on truth, half truth and a vivid imagination. Nuclear waste is becoming a very realistic problem. How to rid the world of it takes an interesting twist? As a result of our actions, Earth will be forever changed.

About the Author

Born in south central Pennsylvania during the early years of the depression. Terrible home living conditions, no water, no bathroom, electricity only. As a child, life was the pits. Day dreaming was a problem for me from day one. Lack of attention in grade school and high school presented a challenge for my teachers. Finally was sent to Hershey, an orphan school that attempted to tame me. There I met my first and last love. We were married for fifty four years before she died three years ago. At age 73 you have to do something. Writing a book seemed a good choice.