Spacestation Ark

by David J. Nowel



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/22/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9781552123416

About the Book

Spacestation Ark shows us a new reality where human creativity and fantastic technology meet, where every citizen's potential for greatness is realized.

Can humankind ever become perfect? Can anyone, as Alex claims, really become a genius? Are sex and food really the two strongest forms of addictive behavior known to humans? Should we let computers raise our children? David Nowel's ideas about the Earth's future are startling, exciting and controversial. As you embark on this enthralling tale of suspense and romance, you'll find yourself asking the questions:Is it possible? Could it ever happen?and What can I do to get on board the Ark?

Whatever your answer, you won't be able to put down this riveting and erotic story of one man's quest to save the world.

10% of all profits from this book will be set aside for the planning and construction of Spacestation Ark.

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About the Author

David Nowel was born in 1935 in New Britain, Connecticut. He received his liberal arts education, Pre-Med, and B.A. in Chemistry and Psychology from Hobart College in Geneva, New York. In 1955, he worked for two years in Hartford, Connecticut at the Institute of Living with some of the best experimental research neurophysiologist, who were from Harvard, M.I.T. and Yale. Karl Pribram directed the research projects. He later spent over forty years in the business arena working for well-known biotech, environmental, insurance and financial companies where he draws his inspiration for his writings. Nicker, A Fish, From Far, Far, Away is his third book and he is in the final editing stages of finishing three more, Before Spacestation, Ark, Kieko, After Spacestation, Ark, Atlantis and Poppy, The Hang Out Girl. David Nowel resides in the Palm Springs area and lives in La Quinta, California.