A Wish to Die - A Will To Live

by Frank Senauth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/26/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 250
ISBN : 9781553692607

About the Book

John Stone, handsome and athletic, was admired by many women, but his one and only love was for his beautiful wife Mary. Now she lay dead, brutally murdered along with his son David and his daughter Cindy, shot in their home early one morning by a masked intruder.

Stone can choose to either fight his way through this great trauma, or give up and die himself. John finally decides, after being brutally abused by two prisoners in the jail where he was serving, to train to fight for himself and for the love of his family.

This powerful novel chronicles John Stone's fierce and passionate efforts to find his family's remorseless killer and bring him to justice, cost being no matter, in the City of New York.

About the Author

Frank Senauth was born in Guyana, South America. As a teen he had two wishes: one was to write and the other to travel. His first wish came true in 1959 when he was able to venture out to London, England, where he worked and studied. In 1973 he felt that Canada held better prospects for him and he subsequently immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. He worked at several jobs until he was able to start his own real estate business.

In 1986 he retired from the business, and decided to pursue the second wish of his boyhood dream. Having the leisure and the means to pursue a writing career, he took up several creative writing courses in children's and adult literature in Canada and the United States. He had no idea that it would have taken him ten long years' of hard work and dedication to bring his creative writing to life, making the second wish of his boyhood dream nearer to reality. He really wanted to write to entertain his audience, and make them feel that they were part of the story. He felt without an audience there would be no story to tell.

Senauth feels that creative writing has changed somewhat throughout the years, and that he has learnt to write for an audience rather than himself. After many years of developing his prose, he felt ready to take on the world with his fascinating writing. His first idea for a novel was A Wish To Die -- A Will To Live, published in the United Kingdom in October 1997 and here reprinted. His previous works, To Save The Titanic From Disaster II and A Cry for Help are also available from Trafford. The author lives in Winnipeg with his wife Maria and teenage son Anthony.

The author hopes that you'll enjoy reading his work, as much as he has enjoyed writing for you, the wonderful public, because without you there would be no one to write for.

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