The Journals of Uncle Hugo

by Arend Wieman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/22/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 306
ISBN : 9781553698784

About the Book

An inspector of the Toronto Police inherits the house and property of his Uncle Hugo on Vancouver Island. He quit his job to move out west into the house of the little farm. There he encounters many secrets and a hidden side of his benefactor, besides another large house on the property, filled with scientists -- strange indeed.

Tipped off by a registered letter, the newcomer discovers a safe with his uncle's journals. Reading them, he learns about his uncleƕs World War II fighter pilot involvement in the German Airforce, his discovery of the cosmic energy and being contacted by people from other planets.

In another journal he reads about his 'trip' around the Zodiac, assisted by the CELZODS (short for Celestial Zodiac Space Beings), who's huge space ships transport them from planet to planet, and letting his uncle off where they maintained ambassadors. However, a lot of violence and wars are encountered. At one time he goes to war in space and hardly survives it.

If it hadn't been for the Vi-Guru, the representative of the Supreme Being, and his guidance and protection, Uncle Hugo's life hardly could've survived the many negative encounters.

After over two years of absence from his home on Earth, his space friends bring him down again on Vancouver Island.

Eventually, Uncle Hugo goes out into space once more with a guru lady. This venture is written about in a fifth journal, hidden away, but discovered by his nephew by accident.

The story of The Zodiac Voyage is written about in another book.

The chronicler of this journal travels into space under the name of Thym, while he goes by his real name of Hugo in his second space journal.

About the Author

Over eighty, the author has no intentions of slowing down because he always sees a plus factor in his physical, mental and spiritual endeavors. Being raised under Hitler, in the German Air Force during World War II followed by Russian imprisonment and the break-up of his young marriage in Canada all had great influences on the author's state of being. As a member of the religion of light and sound, Eckankar, for over thirty years, many of life's questions today are answered spiritually, adding to the unending expansion of consciousness and the ability to look behind the scenes of everyday living. However, to keep his body in good working order, the author rides his muscle-powered scooter, swims and hikes almost every day.

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