World of Zaylyn #1

Quest For The Sword of Anthrowst

by Katrina Mandrake-Johnston



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/22/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781412054225

About the Book

The World of Zaylyn is a world of humans, elves, dwarves, fairy folk, centaurs, dragons, dragon-like humanoids, orcs, goblins, trolls, shape shifters, and many others yet to be discovered. With warriors, thieves, wizards, treasure, magic, strange creatures, danger, and adventure, this world is never dull.

Evil, malicious creatures have entered into this world to do the bidding of an insane wizard, but can he control these beasts as he believes, and for what purpose?

As the creatures slaughter his entire village, Vordin, narrowly escapes. He's told that the evil wizard has to be slain by the Sword of Anthrowst in order to send the creatures back to where they came from.

Two thieves, an elf and her human companion, join Vordin in the quest as does an amateur wizard. The mysterious being they encounter, half human and half spider, is she friend or foe?

Will they fall prey to the horrid evil monsters, trapped in a web of spells and ripped to pieces by huge dagger-like teeth and claws? How are they to even find this sword, wherever it may be, and the wizard for whom they only know a name?

Encountering a mischievous fairy queen and her followers, vicious monsters, giant spiders within ancient underground passages, bounty hunters after the two thieves, plus so much more. Could there be bandits within the forest or a werewolf lurking about as a few believe?

Worst of all, is the presence of a mysterious and evil vampiric being with immense power, called simply The Black Shadow.

If he had a hand in this group coming together, what purpose does he intend for them? He wants them to complete their quest, saving Zaylyn from the wizard and his army of creatures, but why, especially when he could easily take care of the problem himself?

About the Author

Writing stories as young as seven, I've always been a big fan of fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and horror, enjoying movies, comics, books, and video games with good story backgrounds. Writing has always been my passion. As a young writer, I found that I was bursting with ideas, always writing beginnings of stories, scenes and situations, or even just character personalities and backgrounds. I had a hard time finishing a story through, as another better and more exciting one would come to mind and I would begin on this instead, always planning to get back to the others. Having an enormous collection of story bits and ideas, I found that when I was looking through them, most had to do with the world I had created in my mind over the years, to explore during the time I try to fall asleep each night.

Originally attempting to create a game based on my dream world, I compiled a large number of characters and backgrounds, quests, places, mystical and magical objects, spells, riddles, puzzles, houses and families, even daily routines and work schedules of the minor characters to interact with, and all over a course of three years. Becoming complicated and elaborate, and more and more life like, I instead decided to write a series of books about the world I had created, incorporating my growing collection of story bits, from when I was younger, from my teens, and those meant for the game, into several stories. I began to write, not start to finish, but in many places. Jumping around from scene to scene, piecing the bits together like a giant puzzle into their proper order and chapters. After five years, the first book in the series was ready for others to enjoy, with the second book following close behind.