The Journey to Nura

by Ron Stanislaus



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/5/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 202
ISBN : 9781412005685

About the Book

Is there intelligent life out in space? Are there other planets like Earth with beings like us or similar to us? We estimate some of the stars we see on bright nights are hundreds of light years away. Did God make them just for us to look at, or could there be life out there?

Jim, the middle-aged widower in our story, confronts these ideas when he meets Nena, a lady in her mid-twenties from another world. They have a problem on their world and have come to Earth looking for help. Jim is tempted to leave his dull life here an go with this beautiful young woman to a world 6 trillion miles away.

Come an go with us, as we follow Jim and his new friends on this adventure of a lifetime. There is work to do before they can go and there is the adventure of traveling in a space ship on the "Journey to Nura." There is gold and diamonds to sell and supplies to acquire, and the job is not easy since they must keep the mission a secret.

As they work through the problems and study each other's worlds, we find Jim and Nena falling in love. Jim studies a new ship that can travel at four times the speed of light. THE JOURNEY TO NURA is an adventure, love story and science-fiction novel all rolled into one. This book only covers a few months in 1994, but book two (THE YEARS AT NURA) should be released later this year, and covers 34 years of their lives on Nura. The third book, (THE SPACE TRAVELERS FROM NURA) will be released in 2004, and will cover another 60 years in the life of these new friends and lovers.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip as we go with Jim, Nena and friends on the JOURNEY TO NURA and beyond.

About the Author

Ronald D. (Ron) Stanislaus was born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma near a little town named Bluejacket. After high school graduation he attended Southwest Baptist College at Bolivar, Mr. He attended one year at William Jewel College at Liberty, Mo. A few years later he was able to return to Southwest and recieved his BA in 1969. Mr. Stanislaus was a social worker for 33 years, working for teh Missouri Division of Family Services. For 25 of those years he was County Director of the Pike Co. Office at Bowling Green, Mo.

While they were still in College Ron married Genevieve (Jennie) Seaton. The couple was married for 44 years until Jennie died as a result of a stroke in 1996. They had three children: Rose, Patricia and Timothy. Timothy was killed in a car wreck in 1980.

Rob was also a bi-vocational Minister all of his life and pastored four Baptist Churches in Missouri and served as supply preacher or interim Pastor of several others. In addition to other jobs he also did some family and marriage counselling. Ron has been crippled since a knee replacement surgery went bad in 1993. He took an early retirement because of health problems, and has been writing novels since then. This book "The Journey To Nura" is the first one published. Since two other volumes are nearly ready in the "Nura" series, they should be published later this year and next year. Ron is also working on an autobiography and has done some research on the life of Abraham.