Right Is Might

by F.W. Lane



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/7/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781425107666

About the Book

One deal that makes you more money than three lottery jackpots. Then you find the woman of your dreams comes with it. Too much to expect in one lifetime? It took Dillon a day. The deal also comes with a political connection which means that they’re not just risking money – their lives are on the line as well…

About the Author

The author worked in the securities markets for over forty years and retired in 2002. During that time, as a stockbroker, he saw several opportunities for fraudulent activity present themselves and although he never stumbled across even one being perpetrated, the possibilities spurred him to write this novel.

This book bears a number of similarities to his own experiences during four decades in such a fascinating industry. He did set up his own company when the subsidiary of a major London firm he worked for, was acquired by an American Bank in the late eighties. He did meet 'the girl of his dreams there' after his divorce and they might well have formed the 'joysome twosome' referred to in the novel. She still works in the finance industry today.

The writer regards the Middle East as the most dangerous of the world's 'hotspots.' The Arabs and the Israelis might one day bury their differences but it will require one side to make the first, genuine, move and that doesn't seem likely, not for some time, at any rate. Which side should ' give a little' first? The Author thinks the Arabs should, since they have the most to gain, whereas the Israelis have the most to lose, if they profferred the 'olive branch' prematurely. Just think what prosperity would be visited upon an Arab / Israeli trading bloc - the former's oil wealth being utilized by dynamic Israeli entrepreneurship, for the good of all in the Middle East. Now that would be something!