Be Still And Know

by Reverend Ellen Wallace Douglas



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/25/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781425151492

About the Book

Be Still and Know is a book of 365 meditations. Each of the meditations (one per page)Ê begins with a quotation from A Course in Miracles, followed by the author's words based on her own experience and wisdom. Each meditation closes with a quotation from the teachings of Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel visited the earth (upstate New York) to bring the wisdom of the ages to a small group of spiritual seekers. The first time he visited (October of 1987), channeling through a dedicated clergyperson who is also a medium, he said he would come for twelve years on a regular basis. And he did, with his final visit in December of 1999. All his teachings are available in print or recordings. Gabriel's instructions were to pass on his teachings to others. The author was divinely instructed to pass on Gabriel's teachings in a meditation format. In so doing Ellen hopes to reach the spiritual seeker with bits and pieces of Gabriel's lessons to encourage the reader to listen to all his wondrous teachings which cover a vast array of topics of interest to all humanity. It is the second book of 365 meditations by the author.

About the Author

The author is an ordained Christian Metaphysical minister. As a young adult Ellen worked many years in the business world as an accountant. She then changed careers, becoming a NYS certified alcohol/drug counselor. After retiring she began a career as author. Her works include The Laughing Christ, (2002), her memoirs, El's Rae: A Memoir (2005). Next came the first book of 365 meditations (Homeward Bound, 2006), then Be Still and Know. Her next book will be another book of meditations. Rev. Douglas was married 22 years and has four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.