Sex With Dr. Amazing

Solving Bedroom Problems

by Dr. Amazing - M. Teitelbaum



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/1/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 476
ISBN : 9781425131661

About the Book

Peak into the bedrooms of people throughout the world! This book contains over 460 pages of actual questions on sex and sexual relationships from men and women who are having trouble in bed. Some situations are tragic. Many are humorous. You will not be able to put down this book.

Dr. Amazing has replied to each question received through his website at With clear answers, Dr. Amazing has solved the sexual problems that countless people face in the bedroom and he has saved numerous marriages and relationships. Also, on the basis of his advice many budding relationships have been terminated by one of the parties before tragedy could occur. All of Dr. Amazing's answers are included.

Subjects covered include aphrodisiacs, birth control, circumcision, condoms, ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, excessive sex, foreplay, homosexuality, kinky sex, infertility, lubrication, marital problems, masturbation, menstruation, oral sex, orgasms, pedophiles, penis rings, penis size, puberty, sex drive, testicles, vaginal pain, vaginal size, venereal diseases and virginity.

By reading these most interesting questions and answers you will gain your own private consultation with the world's leading sexologist. This book contains sexual information that will revitalize you. Now is the time to increase the joy and sexual pleasure of your own life!

About the Author

A true Renaissance man, Dr. Amazing demonstrated his brilliance when he was inducted into four college honorary societies, including the senior men's honorary at Ohio State University, where he was the Big Ten debate champion and business manager of a college magazine.

With degrees in accounting and law, Dr. Amazing supplemented his growing law practice by staging hypnosis shows. Deciding to switch careers, he entered medical school at the University of Miami, Florida. During his freshman year, he was invited by the medical school to teach hypnosis. From his course on hypnosis, he wrote his first book, "Hypnosis Induction Technics," Charles C. Thomas Co., publisher. It now is in its fifth printing.

Although Dr. Amazing became a prominent medical doctor, he continued to perform hypnosis shows and to teach memory improvement. He designed new and very effective memory systems - all of which are set forth in his second book, "Master Your Memory with Dr. Amazing - How Not to Forget," 3rd edition, MiTerre Productions, Inc., publisher.

While engaged in the practice of medicine, Dr. Amazing became skilled at dispensing sexual advice to his patients. He enlarged on this subject of interest by publishing the Internet website, from which he has become a leading national sexologist. He has provided free answers to numerous questions on sexual life on the website - all of which have been compiled into his third book, "Sex With Dr. Amazing - Solving Bedroom Problems."