Last Tango With Marlon

A novella

by Fletcher Rhoden



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/20/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 78
ISBN : 9781425152659

About the Book

In 1974, screen legend Marlon Brando has made a dramatic return to form with The Godfather and Last Tango In Paris. But his family life is crumbling and his sanity begins to slip away. Only an imagined dialogue with his best friend, actor Wally Cox, can soothe the troubled actor and help him pull back from the brink of self-destruction. Cox, who died over a year before, is the perfect foil for BrandoÕs drunken self-pity. Marlon and Wally relive memories of their Illinois childhood and their years sharing an apartment in 1950Õs New York. They discuss and dissect the dilapidation of their friendship in the Ô60Õs and Ô70Õs, as well as each manÕs career highs and lows. Politics and pop culture are touched upon as Marlon conjures another of their famously animated conversations. Ultimately, the great actor cannot escape facing his own lesser instincts and taking responsibility for the repeated cycles of destructive behavior in his family line. He must also face the harrowing prospect of what is to come for his children if he cannot change his ways. Last Tango With Marlon is a fast, funny, furious exchange that runs the gamut of human emotion and experience from the acclaimed writer of The Trial Of Davy Crockett.

About the Author

In the spring of 2008, Fletcher Rhoden directed the premiere run of the stage play in two acts, Last Tango With Marlon. Fletcher Rhoden ( www.Fletcher is an acclaimed author/illustrator (The Trial Of Davy Crockett, Trafford), produced playwright/director (Soul Cancer), festival veteran short subject writer/director (The Christopher Walken Ecstatic Dance Academy), creator of popular animated short subjects (Rabbit In The Moon) and children's programing (Balloonzee), songwriter and performer (I Love You, Now Change), radio producer and on-air personality (The Mighty Three), extended solo exhibition painter (Fletcher Rhoden Sleeps With The Fishes) and muralist (Kenmore Island). Fletcher Rhoden has screenplays and unpublished novels available to publishers and producers. Contact Lew Weitzman, PREFERRED ARTISTS.