The New Earth

The Sequel to the Story of Love and Creation

by Maurene Watson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/6/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 198
ISBN : 9781425110123

About the Book

The New Earth is the sequel to The Story of Love and Creation. It continues the application of quantum psychology with new information and exercises to release us from the human drama. The result will lead us into the twenty second century and a whole new self choosing to live differently in every domain. In a divinely human experience new thoughts, a new way of relating and feeling, and new attitudes and beliefs make all dreams real experiences. It will become a standard text for our universities. Every scientist, doctor, healing technologist and human quest, will want to read it. Every Human will fall asleep with it in their arms and dream their dreams of truth!

You will journey through this inner map that will merge your human, your soul and your spirit, in your very own body of love. You will transition from the old to the New Earth, as you explore your own keys to mastering your life and your love. You will turn yourself inside out, lifting the veils of your old stories and old games of your old life. You will turn yourself inside out, and have no doubt, as to who you really are and what you're doing or will be creating on the Earth at this time.

Definitions and Concepts: Terms and definitions needed for merging soul, spirit, and quantum psychology, to splice, recode, and re-imprint your own DNA.

Articles of Information: Exploring a sequential transition, from the old to the New Earth, and why you are here at this time; Questions and Answers.

Workbook Exercises: The individual and group exercises, follow a sequential transition, from the old to the New Earth using the mechanics of the soul to rebirth the soul and rebirth the spirit in the DNA.

Bio References and Sources
Recommendation: Special attention is given to the ordering of ascension symbols by Jayne Chilkes, for recoding the DNA. These 12 symbols directly match the progression of steps in this text to master the soul spirit merge process.

About the Author

Maurene has taught quantum psychology and the Sciences of Love in private practice/groups for over 20 years. She has assisted many to awaken to self mastery, and merge; human to soul and soul to spirit, through reading, splicing, and re-imprinting their own DNA; to overcome death in the body. Sessions included: inner child, soul agreements, integrating male/female soul or twin aspects, parallel and future selves and advanced spirit infusion.

Prior to that, she taught special education for 14 yrs. She has a Masters degree in counseling, and a Masters in special education from Boston College. She is a grad of the New England School of Acupuncture, and is proficient in herbal, crystal, cranial, and soul technologies.

Maurene has a profound understanding and dynamic use of the understanding of genetic splicing in the DNA strands and their connection to the neuron-chemistry of the brain. This is the very basis at the root of the new medical sciences coming onto the planet at this time.

She also works with the new DNA understandings with the psychic children. She guides these children as to how best utilize their gifts, while helping their parents to better understand their genius and their role as new leaders and teachers.

Her book outlines the soul spirit merge process along with: DNA holographic imaging, bio- magnetic neural brain cycling/rewiring, inner journeying, and body bio programs, directed by the unique individual/group consciousness of the client's gifts. Readers may reach the author for consults or sessions, at or 585-383-0829.