Fishing In The Good Old Days

The Unsung Generation During WW/2

by Hill DeMent



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/24/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781425117900

About the Book

Junior was whipped by his mother. He was on the outs with his absentee father. He longed for Jimmy Hickerson who was like a big brother. Jimmy was killed in the war. Jimmy use to take the boys fishing. Junior decided to take Jimmy's place. He did the duties of his older brother John and a hired hand. They had gone to fight in W/W2. John always tormented him. His mother abused him when he was late with his chores. He got permission to take his friends fishing in his buckboard. He took Dead Eye, Doc, Billy, Raymond, Lou, Turtle, Red Weakly, and Jughead. The boys went skinny dipping at Petersburg Beach on the Morgan farm. Some girls spied on them. Mr. Eichelberger, (Clayton) dislodged some snakes while noodling. They setup camp at the Doctors Hole. Each boy had a mishap. It was more of a misadventure than an adventure. Junior's horse ran off. The rest of his friends caught a ride to town. He was late getting home in time to do his chores. His mother was waiting for him with a big stick. He was relieved to learn that his buddies had done his chores and the big stick was for a mean rooster.

About the Author

Hill DeMent is a retired teacher. He grew up in Bunceton, MO and graduated from Hi. Sch. in nineteen forty six. He went to live with his aunt and uncle and worked in a hardware store in Red Fork, OK. He wanted to work his way through college but he soon found he had to be a vet. to get a job near a college campus. The government was still paying for the GI Bill so he joined the Army Air Force under a career plan. He went to a diesel mechanic school. He was in the Air Force in Alaska when the Korean War started as a heavy equipment mechanic. He was in Alaska two years and was sent to San Bernardino, from there to George Air Base and put in charge of an upholstery shop. This was not in his career plan. He was granted an early separation and enrolled in the Chanute, KS JuCo. From there he entered Pittsburg State University and earned a BS degree in Industrial Arts with a minor in Science. He taught Life Sci, Earth Sci., Physical Sci, Arithmetic and Career Exploration in the Ft Scott, KS Jr. Hi. The National Science Foundation offered him stipends to go to summer school. He earned a MS Degree in Natural Sci. He taught Chem. Phy. and Bio. at the high school level and Bio. at night at the junior college level in Oxford, Kansas. He retired from teaching in nineteen eighty eight. His next novel is about a poor Ozark pig farmer boy who becomes famous and rich in his travels - THE ODYSSEY OF DANNY HELM. He has one patent.