Morning Star

A Magical Adventure

by Pamela Peck



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/24/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781425131005

About the Book

On a faraway South Sea island, there is a legend about an exceptionally bright star that can be seen in daylight… One day, according to a blind Chief who knows wise things, someone from a distant land will come among them, lured by the beauty and the truth of the star…

When the journey is done and the lesson learned, "the one from away" will return with the knowledge of the legend, and accept the gift of the Morning Star, thereafter reflecting the very essence of its brilliant light in the homeland.

Set in the majestic capital city of Canada, MORNING STAR is the story of a teen-age girl, Julie, struggling with family upset following the death of her father, exacerbated by her mother's new romance with a man from another culture. The new boyfriend has deep brown skin, and to Julie's way of thinking he just "doesn't belong." After sabotaging a family Christmas Eve celebration, Julie withdraws into a dream world.

In the magical journey of her dream, Julie is transported to the exotic South Sea island from where her mother's suitor comes. There, she endures many harrowing adventures and overcomes innumerable challenges, the greatest of which is coming face to face with herself.

As the adventure unfolds, Julie transforms from a selfish teen-ager – unable to see, incapable of compassion, and wishing only to escape – to a mature young woman filled with love, joy and integrity.

MORNING STAR is a heart-warming story for children of all ages.

About the Author

Pamela J Peck is an author, lecturer, composer and playwright whose professional interest is education for a global perspective, and the application of social science knowledge to the practical concerns of everyday life. Canadian born, she holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religion (Mount Allison University), Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work and PhD in Anthropology (UBC). She was a Research Associate at the University of Delhi in India and a Research Fellow at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

Pamela has traveled to more than eighty countries around the world, and has lived and studied in many of them. She uses her cultural experiences to infuse and inform her novels, short stories, screenplays and stage musicals. Drawing on the archetypal structure of classical mythology and Jungian psychology, her creative works embody timeless and universal principles. Her stories appeal to children of all ages as she takes us on magical and adventurous journeys to the far corners of the outer world, and into the inner recesses of the human mind.

Like Margaret Mead before her, Dr. Peck traveled to the South Pacific to undertake anthropological fieldwork. It was her experience in Polynesia that gave birth to the story of the Morning Star.