Destiny's Garden

Grab that gift Series A crushed life can be smoothened again

by Christiana T. Moronfolu



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/1/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781466946453

About the Book

Have you ever questioned your existence, and wondered where your life is going? Do you ever feel that you cannot do much with your life, but would like to achieve more? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are a few chapters away from transforming your life and thinking. “Destiny’s Garden” talks about how you can cultivate your environment, so it can be what you dream of; a place where your fate becomes what you expect it to be. This book is written to encourage people who are anxious about their future or that of their loved ones. You can be all you are meant to be, regardless of where you find yourself. Find out how this is possible as you read along.

About the Author

Christiana is the fourth of four children born to Mr and Mrs Moronfolu, both business entrepreneurs. Raised in a Christian home, she has found herself serving God in different areas. Her desire to live a meaningful life drew her closer to God. There she found joy in the different ways and areas she served God with her gift, despite the different challenges that life posed. In 2012, she was able to maintain the victory Jesus Christ won on the cross, even before she was born. She would not tell of what the devil did, but would be glad to share of how God walked with her through the turbulent years of striving to be all God wants her to be. One of the minute gifts she spent years to discover was contended with on materialisation. She was soon granted the strength as she sought the face of God to stage a come back, despite the trauma. The only way forward - if she would ever achieve a glorious destiny was for her to return to her garden, and make it attract a glorious destiny. Today, the author thanks God that she can bless the world, serve God with her talents and be an asset to herself.