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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/25/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 118
ISBN : 9781490705569

About the Book

The trip to heaven in order to meet God has proved that the latter was wrong in claiming full authority and ownership of the creation of the whole universe.

Satan, accompanied by his staunch men___a think tank of philosophers proved to God that the latter failed in his promises tendered to men and that, God has been for too long the perpetrator of the sufferings of the humanity, not Satan as it has been all along alleged.

Upon the scuffle, Satan has instructed God to be honest and brave enough to reveal the truth to the humanity about their secret agreement in the creation of the world. As God resists such daring act which would expose his treachery, Satan orders him to resign from his seat of authority. Consequently, Satan decides to return to Earth and institute a lawsuit against God.


As Satan returns to Earth, once more, in a court of law, Satan defends himself and wins the case. God is put to shame as the Judge President pronounces the verdict that indicts God.

About the Author

DRCongo-born Jemadari Vi-Bee-Kil Kilele is a playwright, a poet and short story writer.

His literary works include a series of published powerful plays: The Serial Killer, The Private Secretary, The Trial of Satan, The Pong of the Father and Ascension of Satan.

Satan’s Return and The Trial of God (on Earth) is a culmination of a trilogy dealing with the thorny question of Satan versus God and the naive human beings. These are thrillers for any curious reader.

Jemadari has as well published an anthology of poetry entitled Spleen & Lullabies. Readers may expect more moving and thoughtprovoking works to come from this author. Mr. Jemadari is an educationist, school promoter and a political activist too. He is currently living in South Africa.