Neurophilosophy of Consciousness, Vol.VII

The Unexpected Transition from Idealism to Realism

by Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/19/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781490712376

About the Book

The information explosion we have witnessed in the last two decades has unexpectedly accelerated the relentless, forward evolutionary process of complexity as experienced in the ‘real’ existential reality as narrated from human to human in the language semantic accounts of our communications. Sometimes there are consistent, verifiable experiences by all witnesses that resist being described in common language terms and their undeniable presence must then be inferred by using justifiable representation and must be communicated instead in a justifiable symbolic or sentential representation as an ‘ideal’ explanation model. We then have two choices to fashion our model, we can either sacrifice the elegance of the model if we base it strictly on verifiable observables or emphasize on the elegance of a more demanding mathematical logic representation of the same subjective experience. Both approaches lead to the same speculations/conjectures about the micro or macro cosmological environment of the unseen. The author endorses the Lagrangian Quantum Field Theory (QFT) as our most empirically, well-confirmed physical theory where the ‘ideal’ explanation of the metaphysical component of the empirical object/events is more reliable than the axiomatic approach mathematical theorists prefer. However the best of both must harmonize. The reliance on verifiable sensory facts excels in the expediency of calculations and their intuitive understanding because it is closer to phenomenological experimental manipulation in the physics lab. That makes the derived metaphysical ‘ideal’ model poem more credible when applying the theory to make predictions.

If we had to choose only one it is clear that when pragmatics and rigor lead to the same conclusion, then, as the author has argued, pragmatics trumps rigor due to the resulting simplicity, efficiency, and increase in understanding made possible. Most important, however, is that it allows for preparations for unexpected new environmental circumstances as they get empirically detected. Consequently, a hybrid unit wholeness of existential mesoscopic reality is defended.

About the Author

After so many years of laboring within the confined university walls of academe, retirement becomes both a threat and a challenge. Never before did you have the time to follow up on the few occasions serendipitous enlightenments flashed across your path. Tenure and cost-efficient, pragmatic considerations always kept you away. But there is no excuse now. Is it worth it? I would like to invite all those studious of the mind/brain interface puzzle to share our insights. What follows represents an ongoing series of reflections on the ontology of consciousness based on some intuitions on life, language acquisition, and survival strategies to accommodate the biological, psychic, and social imperatives of human life in its ecological niche, thus the BPS model. For the latest publication, click on BPS Model.