The Covenant and the Dar es Salaam

The Betrayal and The Renewal of Islam's World Order

by Munawar Sabir



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/4/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 602
ISBN : 9781698709284
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ISBN : 9781698709307
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About the Book

Dar es Salaam is the Abode of Peace, which Allah has promised to His righteous servants who follow the Straight Path of Allah. Dar es Salaam is the home of the Ummah, which extends in the East from the Muslim populations of the Philippines to the Atlantic coast of Africa and in the North its domains extend from the Muslim population of Russia to those of Indonesia to the South. Every place with a majority of Muslims constitutes the domain of Islam, the Abode of Peace. Believers within and outside the domain of Islam, have the right to the citizenship of the Dar es Salaam, and shall enjoy all the benefits and the obligations that go with such citizenship. Every home and every place of worship of Believers everywhere on earth constitute a piece of the Dar es Salaam. There is neither a border nor frontiers in the Dar es Salaam. Through obedience of Covenant of Allah, the Ummah is at this point of time ready to roll over artificial borders and barriers dividing the Dar es Salaam and to assume its executive sovereignty over the land of Islam. The Ummah is prepared to establish the Covenant of Allah in the governance of its communities through peace, justice, consultation and consensus of the community. The greatest miracle of Islam is the Revelation and the preservation of the Divine Word, the Qur’an. The next greatest miracle is survival, and continuing expansion of the Ummah, through the centuries of tyrannical and turbulent Sultanic and colonial rule. In spite of the alien systems of governments of sultans and dictators, founded on self-aggrandizement and personal power, the common people and the community of Islam have continued to receive nurturing and spiritual enlightenment, through love of Allah and His Blessed Nabi. Holy men, sages, Sufi, and other humble religious teachers have continued to nurture the love of Allah in the heart of the people. They sought to teach and preach Taqwa of Allah and the knowledge of Allah in humility and sincerity. Insignificant raindrops fall on a parched land singly and disappear forever, the same rain drops in strength coalesce to form little streams, then little rivulets, then join together to become mighty rivers, flowing further dropping into powerful and majestic waterfalls, yet again, joining together with other rivers, lakes, and yet more hill torrents to end up in mighty oceans, ever increasing in size, in length, in depth, in power, yet at all times obedient to the will of Allah. An insignificant human without faith is like a drop of water on parched land. Yet the same human, a Believer strengthened by his Covenant with Allah joins others with the Covenant, to form a little community, that in unity with other Believers, in communion with Allah, in unity become the Ummah of the Believers around the world, a powerful united people, witness over other nations with Allah and His Prophet witness over them. At the turn of the twenty- first century there are more Believers than ever in the history of mankind. These Believers of Allah are in Islam and in other religions. It is the obligation of every Muslim to commune with every Believer of Allah in the brotherhood of the people of Haqq.

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