Publicity Plan - NetSpeak Edition


This service features a professionally-written press release, distributed to thousands of opt-in organizations and news subscribers. Your press release may get the attention - and eventually coverage, by various media which can increase your bookselling potential.

The NetSpeak Edition provides you with:

  • A professionally-crafted press release that includes keywords to optimize it for search engine results.
  • A press release distributed to 30,000 opt-in organizations and more than 250,000 news subscribers through our newswire service, PRWeb. Although we cannot guarantee which websites will display your press release, our distributed press releases usually appear on popular sites such as Google News, Yahoo News, and other websites.
  • One month of press release tracking, recording every media attention or coverage that you or your book will receive within that time period.

About PRWeb
Cision PRWeb or PRWeb is the front runner in online news distribution and publicity. They distribute online press releases to a powerful online syndication network, lists of industry-specific organizations, and social media networks.

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