Freedom of the Waves

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Are you ready to go on a real adventure? For the first time, Peter Ward’s Viking journey has been condensed into a single, omnibus volume, Freedom of the Waves. In book one, Vimp the Viking’s Epic Voyage, fear is not an option as the children escape their violent Viking roots and cross the sea. Not only do they escape the bloody heritage of their people, but they save Freya’s slave, Emma, who was marked for sacrifice. Even so, their voyage has angered the gods. In book two, Freya and the Fenris Wolf, Freya must be punished for what she has done. The great god Odin will decide Freya’s fate, but her dedicated friends will not allow her to suffer in silence. They will find a way to save Freya and set her free. In the exciting conclusion, Eric and the Mystical Bear, Eric must find the courage within himself to stand up to an evil creature of legend. If he doesn’t, an entire village could be slaughtered. Freedom of the Waves shares a journey into the depths of mythology and into the hearts of friends who, despite witches, giants, and mermaids, will not back down. Their Viking spirits are strong, and their courage never wanes.

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