The Secret Temple of Kintamani

by Ernie Palamarek



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/14/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781552124444
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781412241670

About the Book

The exotic tropical island of Bali is the fabulous setting for the aftermath of the infamous BarLan Bre-X gold mine stock swindle in Borneo which is still thundering throughout South East Asia and echoing around the world.

A coniving and truly-evil, Irish-Canadian stock promoter from Jakarta, Indonesia has declared bankrupcy and is on the prowl to regain his riches. He stops at nothing; his rampant greed and lust know no bounds. Murder, opium smuggling and fraud are his forte!

A seductive Balinese physiotherapist nurse lost her family's fortune. Now her brother is missing from his job as a geologist at the two-mile-high Goldberg Gold Mine in New Guinea. Was he murdered? Where is his gold Ganesa icon? It's a mystery! In a state of near-collapse she has nowhere to turn!

This action-packed second novel in a series features the somewhat-jaded but dashing Rune Erikson, who enters a steamy world of scintillating Balinese myths and legends. He is caught up in the middle of an adventure where the ruthless winner takes all. Rune enlists the aid of his stockbroker buddy, Logan, in a race against time where the prizes are a stolen fortune, a missing brother, and the mother lode of gold. Coloured by romance and eroticism, this intrigue entices Rune off his sailing ketch Valhalla in Victoria's Fisherman's Wharf into the arms of beguiling Asian beauties on the exotic tropical island of Bali.

About the Author

Ernie Palamarek has recently had feature articles published in magazines and is the author of Thundersea, his first novel in thhis series of intriguing adventures which begin to unfold in Canada and blossom in exotic locations around the world.

Having spent his boyhood on the Alberta prarie growing up in the saddle, he has a keen appreciation for nature's wondrous beauty and its amazing resiliency which balances the eggshell fragility of the environment. He has worked in public relations for a major newspaper, in a research and development laboratory, in his own businesses, and in the service of a government agency.

Combining his eye for detail with a vivid imagination, he continues to roam the world in search of adventure - to observe, to listen and to talk to wonderfully-different people in strange, exotic lands.

He experiences the adventure and journeys through life with his photographer wife, Sharon, who shares his passionate quest for adventurous travel.

The author has lived in Victoria, British Columbia since he was twenty years old. Vancouver Island, a temperate rainforest in the Pacific Ocean, is his backyard.

The Secret Temple of Kintamani is Palamarek's second novel.