by Ernie Palamarek



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/13/2003

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781466994188
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9781553951742

About the Book

Oi Amigo! Experience the amazing mighty Amazon! It's the steamy setting for this colourful South American tale of an old family company dealing in jungle medicinal plants. The venerable firm is corrupted by lust, corporate greed, gratuitous affluence, shady characters, and duplicitous transactions. Genetic tinkering and environmental destruction run amuck amidst the grinding subsistence life of the Amazon natives.

Rune Erikson is cast as the altruistic hero as he comes to the rescue of a statuesque Brazilian heiress brutally targeted during a medical conference in Victoria. Hiding her aboard the Valhalla, Rune is love-struck. Hitching a ride with her on Dredmann Industries corporate jet, it delivers them unto the evil Dr. Manglar.

Bianca Penthesilia Monteiro fights back against Gunther Dredmann, known by his victims as Dr. Death, when her family's business is ruthlessly subjected to a hostile takeover.

Fast Eddie, an old buddy of Rune's who has fallen into the bottle, teams up to help with his Grumman Goose flying boat.

An ancient family enigma is revealed when a five-hundred-year-old Portuguese leather trunk is opened. A wizened soothsayer casts his cryptic prophecies as a centuries-old Portuguese sword comes scything down in an old Brazilian prison, sparking primeval powers in its possessor.

This intriguing fourth novel in a series features the somewhat jaded but dashing Rune Erikson who slogs through the piranha-infested Amazon with his Grumman Goose flying buddy, Fast Eddie, in a torturous survival trek. Rune and his Brazilian heiress babe are caught up in a sinister plot of unimaginable consequences. Coloured by romance and spiced with eroticism, this adventure lures Rune off his sailing ketch, Valhalla, in Victoria's Fisherman's Wharf into the enticing arms of a young, hot-blooded Latin American woman whose powerful matriarchal lineage is unknowingly steeped in the ancient myths and secret sagas of the steamy Amazon.

About the Author

Ernie Palamarek has appeared on New York's WAMC syndicated weekly, The Evironment Show, reading from his novels to world-wide audiences of over fifty million people. He has had feature articles and photos published in national magazines and is the author of the Rune Erikson series of novels which begin to unfold in Canada and blossom in exotic locations around the world.

Having spent his boyhood growing up in the saddle on the Alberta cattle ranching prairie, he has a keen appreciation for nature's wondrous beauty and its amazing resiliency which balances the eggshell fragility of the environment. He has worked in public relations for a major newspaper, in a research and development laboratory, in his own businesses, and in the service of a federal government agency.

Combining his eye for detail with a vivid imagination, he continues to roam the world in search of adventure while trying to sidestep danger Ñ to observe, to listen, and to talk to wonderfully-different people in strange, exotic lands.

He experiences the adventure and journeys through life with his wife, Sharon, a published photographer in her own right. She has a keen eye for style, colour and composition, and shares his passionate quest for adventurous travel.

The author has lived in Victoria, British Columbia since he was twenty years old. Vancouver Island, a temperate rainforest off Canada's west coast, is his retreat in the Pacific Ocean.

AMAZONIA is Palamarek's fourth novel.

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