Mr and Mrs Cockroach and Family

by Donald P. Pollock



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/26/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 302
ISBN : 9781553692386

About the Book

It was the end of World War II for Paddy Blackhouse, and he was looking forward to going home. However, he was unaware that hiding in his duffel bag were two cockroaches.
Sam and Lucy, two cockroaches that had been bombed out of their home, forcing them to find a temporary residence.
Paddy, like thousands of other soldiers, was waiting to get on board the ship that would take him home. He was going back home to Canada. First by ship over the ocean to Halifax Harbour, then by train to Montreal and then by taxi to a 12-story apartment building.
The apartment building was no easy match for Sam and Lucy, for to be accepted they must reach the Penthouse floor. To get by each floor they must have a password, which was not free. Each floor brought on a new adventure, from encounters with other cockroaches as they listened and learned, and from humans, who lived there.
Sam and Lucy watched as the drama unfolded in each apartment, from drunks, to gamblers, to a painter, each floor bringing on a new episode. From a dying old woman, to an out of place young man; then to a woman, who fought with herself to get her body slim? Then on to another floor, they watched and listened as twin sisters battled it out with nasty words.
One can travel through the maze of adventures with them, as they go in and out of each floor. The reader can listen in as Sam and Lucy become addicted to paint and how they break their habit.
Jasko, another cockroach that befriended them may help, or did he have his own agenda? The story becomes more and more intense as they struggled to reach the Penthouse floor. Their compassion and love for each other would be put to the test, till the very end.

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About the Author

Donald P. Pollock, Esq. is a writer who knows his stories. His imagination goes far beyond the average writer. His writing is in such simplistic terms that one wonders what category his writing should be placed in: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Romance, they are all combined in his novels.

Writing day in and day out to reach the farthest part of his imagination, he then hurriedly put the pieces together to make a story. His story has a flow, easy to understand and entices the reader to continue to discover the climax.

Born in Montreal, he has been a Public Speaker, a one-on-one Counselor, a Teacher, and a Paraprofessional in the field of Social Science. As a Public Speaker, he has spoken in front of thousands of people trying to let them gain insight into human behaviour.

At one time in his life, he was Director of an Orphanage and had 27 children under his care. He claims it was the best time of his life. "I felt," he said, "I was really doing something positive to help them change their lives." As a Teacher of Social Science, he helped students to discover the other side of the society that most people shun away from. Then going into a completely different field of work, he set up his own small moving company and struggled with that for many years. His reason, "I enjoyed the hard work." Today he works on yet another novel hoping to share his deep feelings with the rest of the world. When asked why he has the letters "Esq" after his last name he states frankly, "it stands for 'Esquire', which means a person of good standing."

Mr. Pollock is also a member of the Alberta Writers Guild.