Trial By Proxy

by Donald P. Pollock



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/14/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 318
ISBN : 9781412077927

About the Book

Tragedy can strike anyone, in any place or at anytime and Easy Dunbar was no exception. His life was one of peace and harmony while on his farm, until the day of the fire. Losing his wife and ten of his children was sad enough for him, but the final blow came when they arrested him for the very crime he tried to prevent.

Only his remaining 10-year-old son Joshua knew his father was innocent and he made sure when someone met him, that they knew it.

His young ten-year-old mind struggled with his loneliness, from the loss of his mother and all of his sisters, and his father in a jail cell. Then came Nurse Molly Martin to the rescue, who not only believed in the young boy, but also took him under her wing to help save him and his father from the evil that had befallen them.

John Hardy was one of the best lawyers in Canada, who came to defend Easy Dunbar. He was going to find out the truth, no matter what. For he knew what others did not, that there was a conspiracy out against Easy Dunbar, and he was going to find out who it was and why! The ending will shock you!

About the Author

Donald P. Pollock, Esq. knows his stories. His previous novels stood out from the crowd of books that saturate our market on a daily basis. Some of his readers wrote to him and said his books should be made into movies. Others stated that his novels brought joy to the heart when sadness was winning over. His writing is in such simplistic terms that one wonders what category it should be place in: Fantasy, Drama, Action, or Romance, for these are all combined in his novels. He writes day in and day out to reach the farthest part of his imagination, and then he hurriedly put the pieces together to make a story. His stories have flow and are easy to understand enticing the reader to continue with a desire to know the ending.

Born in Montreal, he has been a Public Speaker, a one-on-one counsellor, a teacher, and a Paraprofessional in the field of Social Science. As a Public speaker, he has spoken in front of thousands of people trying to let them gain insight into human behaviour.

Today he works on yet another novel, hoping to share his deep imagination with the rest of the world. When asked why he has the letters, "Esq." after his last name, he sates frankly, "It stands for Esquire, which means a person of good standing."

Mr. Pollock is also a member of the Alberta Writers' Guild.