Concise Character Portraits Of England’s Tudor, Stuart andProtectorate Rulers: 1456–1714 A . D .

by Chris Stubbs



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/12/2014

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781490735290

About the Book

This book presents character portraits of Tudor, Stuart, and Protectorate rulers of England from AD 1456 to 1714. The author derived the portraits following a previously described method by sorting and blending interpretations from each ruler’s epoch and birth charts. Please note that none of the interpretations are the author’s, that he has included all points obtained but that he has minimised duplication. The unpolished portraits generated are impartial, free from bias, and consist of relatively modern expressions for appreciation and comparison purposes. Concise has been added to the title because the most speculative, the more mundane, and the least relevant interpretations have been relegated to smaller print, but the order throughout each portrait remains unchanged. Additionally, Appendix 1 collects all the natal charts and comments on them. In case of further interest, Appendix 2 assembles the natal charts of some of England’s nearly rulers during the time frame of the book. Finally, Appendix 3 examines the Tudors and Stuarts separately to try and find group heredity traits among them. The results obtained also start to support the idea that, importantly, we are members of the solar system even though, naturally, we are Earthlings first.

About the Author

As a qualified scientist and astrologer, Chris has proposed a new method for conducting astrology based on a general genetic understanding of our birth process. Horoscopes have been produced by combining interpretations from both epoch and birth charts. Chris has then applied this method to produce character portraits of England’s Tudor, Stuart, and Protectorate rulers.