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The San Juan County sheriff, Bill Cassidy, always seemed to have his chest puffed out! Alexandra guessed maybe he was afraid the citizenry might fail to notice the huge badge! He began blusteringly, that it was no secret to him that Jared’s father often over imbibed! Level gray eyes met his, and a soft but commanding voice spoke up, “Okay, enough irrelevant gossip! Are you working on finding out who trespassed on my property, broke into one of my buildings, and made off with a small fortune in dynamite and blasting caps?” Doug sent up a silent cheer for her! He agreed that the mine foreman might have a drinking problem that should be addressed! But he felt like it had no bearing on the theft, and that Cassidy wanted to pin blame quickly and get back to the local coffee shop where he hung out! An elected official, more than a real lawman! And, Doug wasn’t the only guy she shot down! Still, she should get a perception that having friends never hurt! Not surprisingly Cassidy bowed up in response! “Now, listen here, Sister, you ain’t one of the locals!”

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