Full Color Packages

From children's books to cookbooks, graphic novels to family photo albums – give your story the dazzling imagery it deserves. Choose from our seven full-color publishing packages with tailored features to meet every author’s needs.

Full Color Novo

Novo provides a pared-down but still exceptional product, with services like custom layout and e-book availability for less.

Full Color Scribe

Scribe appeals to no-nonsense authors looking for a cost-effective but all-inclusive published book. Its simple, straightforward design lets your work send its message without distractions.

Full Color Tablet

Tablet is a practical choice for the cost-conscious author, providing an enhanced publishing experience with more custom design options and printed copies of your book.

Full Color Vellum

Publish a book with Vellum and elevate your work into the range of full customization. Quality pre-manuscript services, such as file conversion and image scanning, speed up the publishing process and deliver an even more attractive book.

Full Color Scroll

Our mid-range indie publishing package delivers the multiple advantages of Vellum with added punch. Scroll's keyword is more: more book copies, more manuscript options, and more inclusive services, including our in-house illustration services.

Full Color Folio

Folio takes your book to an entirely new level with a stunning range of quality services for the serious author.

Full Color Tapestry

Our most exemplary book package rewards you with total artistic expression. Tapestry presents a complete array of editing and production services that give you a fully-customized package, ensuring that you get the highest quality for your self-published book.