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Reader's Digest Print Ad Packages

Advertise your book in a globally recognized and highly respected magazine with a readership of more than 18.3 million around the world—Reader’s Digest.*

Founded in 1922, Reader’s Digest is a global media and direct marketing company that carries various products and services from trusted brands. It is a worldwide publisher and distributor of magazines, books, recorder music, and home video packages sold through a variety of distribution channels including direct mail, display marketing, direct-response television, catalogs, retail, and the Internet.

Its major publication is the monthly general-interest magazine Reader’s Digest, which has a US circulation of 3 million copies in the country per month.

Choose the Reader’s Digest Print-Ad Package that best suits your marketing goals:

Reader’s Digest Essential

Your book’s print ad will be included in half of the circulation of the general Reader’s Digest magazine—about 1.5 million copies.

Reader’s Digest Executive

Your book’s print ad will be included in the full circulation circulation of the general Reader’s Digest magazine—about 3 million copies.

Reader’s Digest iPad Edition Marketing Bundles

Recognizing the potential of tapping into a much bigger market, Reader’s Digest—one of the world’s most popular general interest magazines—has taken a major leap into the digital world: Anybody with a portable electronic reader can now access Reader’s Digest.

Trafford recognizes this potential as well. That is why, in partnership with Reader’s Digest, the Trafford Reader’s Digest iPad Edition Marketing Bundles have come into fruition.

*As of 2019

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