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What Really Causes AIDS

WHAT REALLY CAUSES AIDS: AN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The AIDS pandemic is likely to become the greatest catastrophe in human history. Unless a safe, effective vaccine is quickly developed, or the preventive strategies outlined in this book are widely appli...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $22.00


New Earth Light Body

Masters, light body is your divine-human spirit embodied in the substance of love. Light body will evolve its DNA codes and transcriptions exponentially throughout the many New Earths. The New Earth Heart is your transporter star gate, a magnetic imp...

Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)

Our Price: $39.99


The Meaning of Hotep

A Nubian Study Guide

Hotep is a word associated with recognizing that there is a Creative Force eminent in all things. Hotep deals with the commemoration of the ancestors, some of whom are great figures that stand out in history, such as Imhotep, the world’s first known ...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


Path to the Invisible House

The Invisible House Society was founded for the sole purpose of training students of Magick in the grades of the Order of the Golden Dawn whereby they propel themselves into the Order of the Rosy Cross (these orders representing levels of attainme...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $36.51


Musings of a Native Son

My story begins in Montreal on August 6, 1931, the day before my father died. I was not quite five years old, and I was the fourth of six siblings that my mother was left to raise—at the height of the so-called Great Depression. I trace and comment...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


"Good Night, Annie Kate"

This memoir, Good Night, Annie Kate combines a young girl's diary written in 1921 with the story of her family. The story compares Annie Kate growing up in the 1920's flapper era and WWI to Alice growing up in the Great Depression and WWII....

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $19.00


Gardening Passion

Resourceful Gardening Information. Intimately Cultivated and Lavishly Photographed for Your Pleasure.

Gardening Passion is the creation of a passionate manuscript and a floral biography that comprehensively depicts many intimate gardening encounters and shares the satisfactory results. Focused around the author’s garden, it speaks of firsthand expe...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)

Our Price: $28.99


!Soy poeta!

Soy poeta es la apasionante vida de un joven campesino que influenciado por su abuelo, quiere por todos los medios salir adelante en la escuela hasta llegar a convertirse en todo un escritor de renombre. Para eso tendrá que vencer todos los prob...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $13.96


How to Win

On the American Board of Surgery Certifying Exam

Facing the American Board of Surgery Certifying Exam is not merely taking another exam. Most surgeons are not exposed to the techniques of oral examinations or to the best methods to prepare for them. It is seemingly a game in which you have to asc...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $34.99


Blue Star

Fulfilling Prophecy


How does a woman from a small town in British Columbia, Canada become involved in one of the most talked about prophecies on the planet today? The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy.

Learn how her life was completely c...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $19.13


You Have Been Chosen

The Identity of an Adopted Child

Adoption affects the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the adopted children in many different ways—some positive and some negative. Each party within this triad has many unanswered questions, but discussing them helps to lighten the burdens fo...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


Emanations from the Corpse of Little Burgundy

Little Burgundy was a small vibrant part of Central Montreal. Perhaps somewhat sadly, that area no longer exists, having been changed largely through gentrification. But the area and its residents had many worthwhile stories to tell. However, up t...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $3.99


Stars, Stones and Scholars

The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy

The hermetic tradition claims "As above, so below". Did the ancients mean that literally? Stars, Stones and Scholars shows that many ancient megalithic sites are not tombs, but are remnants of ancient local, regional and perhaps even larger Ne...

Format: E-Book

Our Price: $9.99


Steel My Soldiers' Hearts

Steel My Soldiers' Hearts is the story, from D-Day to the armistice, of a Canadian tank man who fought the campaign in Northwest Europe at the sharp end - told from the fighting man's perspective. The armoured war involved the main battles for...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $26.95


The Northern Spotted Owl - An Oregon View

The Northern Spotted Owl - An Oregon View tells the story of a battle to save the forests in a backdrop of economic troubles in the Pacific Northwest.

"The economy in the Pacific Northwest is a disaster," says the author. In January 200...

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Our Price: $19.95

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