Post-Page Layout Services

As a self published author, you can still make changes to your book even after the manuscript layout has been finalized and the book is ready for print. Even at the last minute, Trafford gives you a wide range of custom options to choose from.

PDF Retech


Title Change After Setup

Computer Generated Keyword Indexing (choose from the following):

Up to 500 Entries  ‌  Up to 700 Entries  ‌  Up to 1,000 Entries  ‌  Custom Quote 

Prepare for Publication

Call a publishing consultant today at 844-688-6899 or e-mail Your publishing consultant will assist you along the publishing process, make sure you read the terms and conditions, and take your payment. (We accept credit card, check, or money order). After the submission of your materials, you’ll be on your way to having your book published. Are you looking to sign up for additional marketing services? Call your Marketing Consultant today at 844-688-6899 to get a free consultation on the services that would work best for your marketing campaign. You may also send an e-mail to